Manual Fuzzy Control of Queuing Systems

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Fuzzy Queueing Model.


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However, in many practical situations , the arrival pattern and service pattern are described by linguistic quantifiers such as fast, slow or moderate, rather than by probability distributions. The concept of fuzzy sets was first introduced by Zadeh in his paper work entitled "Fuzzy sets".

Fuzzy service control of queueing systems.

Following Zadeh, many researchers have considered the problem of fuzzy queueing systems. Li and Lee and Buckley discussed the problem of fuzzy queues by using Zadeh's extension principle, the possibility concept and fuzzy Markov chain Stanford Negi and Lee introduced -cut and two variable simulation approaches to analyze fuzzy queues.

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  6. Using the parametric programming technique Kao et al. Kao investigated single server queueing model with fuzzy arrival rate and service rate.

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    Chen investigated a fuzzy finite capacity queue with fuzzified exponential arrival rate and service rates. Chen , analysed bulk service fuzzy queueing system and bulk arrival queueing model with fuzzy parameters. Ke and Lin analysed queueing model with fuzzy parameters and obtained the membership function of a system characteristics.

    Ke and Lin considered fuzzy analysis queueing system with server breakdown using non linear programming approach. Pardo ad Fuente optimized two fuzzy queuing models with non- preemptive priority discipline and another with preemptive priority discipline.

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    6. Chen calculated the -cuts of the fuzzy minimal expected total cost per unit time for fuzzy queueing decision model. Lin et al. Apaydin analysed the multi channel fuzzy queuing systems and costructed fuzzy queuing characteristics via different membership functions. Nagoor Gani and Ashok kumar analysed finite capacity fuzzy queue by employing parametric non-linear programming technique. Wu examined the non homogeneous Poisson process with fuzzy intensity function.

      Using simulation techniques, Wu obtained the -level closed intervals of the systems performance measures. Nagoor Gani and Ashok kumar a , b, c investigated bulk arrival queueing models with fuzzy parameters and fuzzy varying batch sizes, multi - server batch arrival queue with fuzzy parameters and batch arrival queue with set up, uncertain parameters and fuzzy varying batch sizes respectively. Wang et al. By applying a non - linear programming approach, Ashok Kumar derived the membership function of the steady state performance measures in Erlang service model with fuzzy parameters.

      Fuzzy Control of Queuing Systems

      Yang and Chang analysed parametric programming solution to the F policy queue with fuzzy parameter. Yang and Chang investigated F policy fuzzy queue with start up time. They applied -cuts approach and Zadeh's extension principle to transform fuzzy F policy queues in to a family of crisp F policy queues. The author construct the membership function for the expected number of customers in the system. Kalyanaraman et al. Stephan Vincent and Bhuvaneswari analysed retrial queue with priority subscribers having fuzzified exponential arrival, retrial and service rates.

      Khodadadi and Jolai analysed a single server retrial queue with vacation by introducing fuzzy based threshold policy to control the server in order to minimize the total cost of the system. Jeeva and Rathnakumari constructed membership function of expected number of customers in the orbit and expected waiting time in the orbit for a two phase batch arrival retrial queue with Bernoulli vacation.

      Scikit-Fuzzy: A New SciPy Toolkit for Fuzzy Logic; SciPy 2013 Presentation

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      Kouikoglou Published DOI: In this book, a novel approach is presented using fuzzy control to solve queueing control problems. Specifically, twenty one cases are studied in detail. These control models, either known or new in the literature, are selected from all categories in the queueing control field, i. View via Publisher. Alternate Sources. Save to Library. Create Alert.